Advanced Stocktaking Services offers comprehensive stocktaking solutions rooted in our extensive experience with our barcode inventory system and custom inventory tracking system. We use our experience to bring you the best stocktaking solutions for retail, wholesale, manufacturing and hospitality industries.

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With cutting-edge technology, we work to help you design and implement a custom set of stocktaking solutions that allow you to provide fast and efficient service. Our solutions are flexible so that you can use the elements that best suit your particular needs, including our barcode inventory system.

Our services are cloud-based and provide a dashboard that gives you easy access to the main pieces of information necessary for you to monitor your work. We also integrate our solutions with our iPhone and Android app so that you can stay informed on the go using your phone.

We offer both hardware and software solutions. We'll work with you to identify the best path forward for you and your business. Our goal is to ensure that you are satisfied with the end result and won't stop until we've satisfactorily accomplished your vision for your business's inventory tracking system.

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Since 1982, we have served a variety of industries from our central location in Sydney. We use those decades of experience to help you evolve with the changing landscape, as we have proven ourselves capable of doing since the beginning.

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Advstock Inventories

At Advanced Stocktaking Services, we have developed flexible solutions to meet your needs. By leveraging today's technology, we can provide a range of services.

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Leveraging Today's Technology

Fast Efficient Service

If you require Responsive Stocktake Reporting Services without the expense of external resources, then leverage our Cloud-Based Stocktake solution. Install our iPhone or Android app to reduce costs and start counting today. Our Dashboard will give you visibility of your results as they occur.

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"FULL SERVICE" Stocktake and Inventory Management

"DO IT YOURSELF" solutions

"REPORTING" services

"ORDER MANAGEMENT" solutions (call us)

We focus on key components to meet your Success Criteria

  • Speed (technology)
  • Accuracy (trained professionals)
  • Realtime Reporting (web enabled)
  • Reduced Costs (flexible resourcing options)
  • Convenience / Frequency (24x7 Service)

Do It Yourself Solutions

Leverage our Cloud-Based stocktaking software to immediately commence a stocktake. Simply Register Now, upload your data and start counting. Our Real-time reporting engine will provide instant results and capture enough detail to enable your results to be uploaded into your inventory management systems (eg. POS or ERP) via CSV files.

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